local: (04) 225.7274. Fax (+1) (416) 236-1879. phone:+44 2031 293 603 english phone: +49 322 2109 1485 german email: 95 Road 1702, Block 317 Diplomatic Area, Manama Tel. Canada has more than 150 Embassies, consulates consulate-houston.com: This website provides general address, phone and email information of foreign consulates located in Houston Texas. For all consular matters you can contact the consular department of the Albania Embassy in Ottawa. Want to apply and obtain Albanian Visa Is there any problem / complaint with reaching the Embassy of Denmark in , Albania Address or Phone number? U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please call+355-4224-7285. Albania Embassies & Consulates. Albanian Honorary Consulate in Toronto, Canada- THIS CONSULATE IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED - Telephone Number: (+1) 613 236 4114 (embassy Ottawa) Fax Number: Email: embassy.ottawa@mfa.gov.al (embassy Ottawa) Website: Consul: VACANT - Honorary Consul. Consulate of Canada in Tirana, Albania located at Rr: Ibrahim Rugova. - On this website you will find all Canadian Embassies and High Commissions situated abroad. ; Opening hours Address: Rr. Diplomatic representation of Canada. : +973 (17) 536270 Fax: +973 17 532 342 Tagged on: Bulevardi Zhan d'Ark Canadian Consulate Albania Canadian Consulate Tirana Canadian Visas Albania Consulate of Canada in Tirana Kulla Teknoprojekt. The Albania Embassy in Ottawa can assist, amoung others, with visa matter, passport renewals, trade and investment and export and import matters. google_ad_width = 728; The General Consulate of Italy in Vlorë supports Albanian citizens through its consular services, if they: There are about 27 Foreign Embassies and 17 Consulates placed in the territory of Albania. Phone: 355 (4) 225 7274, 225 7275. Email: canadalb@canada.gov.al. For emergency consular assistance, call the embassy of Canada in Washington or one of the closest consulates and follow the instructions. statements, legalisation of documents and The EmbassyPage for Albania lists all foreign embassies and consulates in Albania and all Albanian embassies and consulates abroad. When there is no Albania Consulate located in Houston you can either contact a consulate in a neigboring state or contact the embassy in Washington. Albania–Canada relations refer to bilateral relations of Albania and Canada. Overview. Consulate of Canada in Tirana, Albania. Rate your experience with the Embassy of Denmark in , Albania: (click on the stars below) Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit, Pallati i Rimbrapa Akademise se Arteve, Kati II, Tirana, Albania City: Tirana (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour) Tel. Address: Honorary Consulate of Canada in Tirana, Albania Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit Pallati i Ri mbrapa Akademise se Arteve Kati II, Tirana, Albania. Outside of Albania: +355-4224-7285 Albania has diplomatic missions in 43 countries and 6 permanent missions accredited to various international organizations around the world. Until further notice, Passport and citizenship applications from Italy, Albania, Malta and San Marino must be submitted by mail to the Embassy of Canada in Rome (registered mail or courier). Consulate of Canada in Bahamas Shirley Street Plaza, Nassau Tel. ; Opening hours Address: Office Address: ... Consulate of Canada, Consulate General of Canada in other countries address, phone number, Email, Canada Visa, Passport related enquiries and more through the below link. Arrest and detention, child welfare, abduction and custody issues, death abroad, lost or stolen belongings abroad, hijacking, hostage takings and kidnappings, physical assault, sickness or injury, natural disasters and civil emergencies, etc. This is a list of diplomatic missions of Albania excluding honorary consulates. Albanian Consulate in Canada runs an inclusive range of consular services to local, Albanian, and international citizens in Canada. Usually an Embassy of a foreign country is to small to be able to reach and offer consular services to all people in all US states like Atlanta. Street Address Rr. City Tirana. Albania–Canada relations refer to bilateral relations of Albania and Canada. Address, phone number, and email address for the Albanian Consulate-General in New York, USA. The most common types of Canada visas are the following. Outside of Office Hours, contact: +355-4224-7285. Albania Visa Only the Albania Embassy in Ottawa is allowed to issue Albania visas in Canada. Embassy of Canada to the United States, in Washington, D.C. Embassy of Canada to the United States, in Washington, D.C. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Due to ongoing concerns related to the spread of COVID-19, preventative measures have been enacted throughout our global network of offices. Canada Embassy in Albania: detailed information on Canadian Embassy and Consulates locations, including addresses, e-mails and phone numbers Address. Canada's Ambassador in Rome is accredited to Albania, while an Honorary Consulate in Tirana assists Canadian interests in Albania. and permanent representations abroad. phone:+44 2031 293 603 english phone: +49 322 2109 1485 german email: google_ad_height = 90; Dëshmorët e 4 Shkurtit and can be contacted by telephone on (42) 257 274 and (42) 257 275/ 069 20 20 203-mobile as well as by email canadalb@canada.gov.al. Consulate of Denmark Worldwide. Consular services remain available to Canadians. Phone. Canada maintains a consulate in Tirana. 1. Specific contacts and information in Albania 4. View address, phone, fax, email, office hours, official website, visa types, social media channels. of Canada. U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please call+355-4224-7285. The Albanian consulate is one of 633 foreign representations in Canada and one of 112 foreign representations in Toronto. This website is in no way or form affiliated with the consular department of the consulate in Toronto. Kati 2. Embassy of the Netherlands in Tirana, Albania The EmbassyPage for the Netherlands' embassy in Tirana has updated and verified contact details for the mission, and for the consular section of the embassy, including address, telephone numbers, fax number and email addresses, as well as information about the embassy's website and social media presence. Ibrahim Rugova, ND 41, H7, Kati5, Tirana, Albania Telephone 355 (4) 225 7274 Fax 355 (4) 225 7273 Email tirana@international.gc.ca Facebook Embassy of Canada to Italy Twitter @CanadainAlbania On this specific webpage you will find general information on the Canadian Embassy in Tirana. Rruga Deshmoret e 4 Shkurti. The Albanian capital Tirana hosts 40 embassies, and in addition there are 45 consulates and one other representation in Albania. Disclaimer: This is not the official website of the Consulate of Canada in Tirana, Albania. Albania and Canada abroad; The Albanian embassy is one of 638 foreign representations in Canada and one of 138 foreign representations in Ottawa. The Albania Embassy Worldwide page indicates the comprehensive list of Foreign Embassies and Consulates from around the world located in Albania as well as Albanian Embassies, Consulates and other Albanian representations worldwide. Here you will find information about the The data is derived from official government websites and Hence, the need for local consulates which are smaller, regionally located embassy branches. The Canadian Consulate in Tirana supports French citizens through its consular services, if they: Contact details for the Maltese consulate in Tirana; The consulate of Malta in Tirana is located at Rruga Xhemal Tafaj ,nr 1/3 and can be contacted by telephone on 4 450 4889 and 682027873-mobile as well as by email [email protected] and [email protected]. : (242) 393-2123 (242) 393-2124 Fax: (242) 393-1305 (it's in Jamaica) Canadian Consulate in Manama, Bahrain Consulate of Canada in Bahrain Al Jasrah Tower, 12th Floor, Building No. Website-Email-Address 104-35 W arrender Avenue Toronto, Ontario M9B 5Z5 Canada.